Olympic Chess

Learn chess with Athena! We’ve designed a high-energy, stimulating approach to chess that is great for all ages.

Classes are typically divided into different skill levels. Students will spend much of their time playing each other and challenging the instructor. At the beginning of each class, we have a brief question and answer session on certain a topic, challenging students with exercises and puzzles.


Our intro course covers:
-Piece types, movements, and captures
-Positioning, castling, and basic strategy
-Piece values and strategic sacrifices
-Algebraic notation


Our more advanced class covers:
-Openings (Scotch game, Queen’s Gambit, London system etc) and defenses
-Pins, forks, skewers
-Middle and Endgame strategy and tactics
-Chess variants (Chess 960, Atomic chess)


Each class ends in a tournament where the winner takes home a trophy!L

Our Classes


Tons of opportunity for creative expression and development!


High-energy stimulating approach emphasizing collaboration and challenging puzzles


Learn variety of important skills through project-based play