Junior Alchemists

Want to master the secrets of the universe? Create a volcanic eruption to rival Pompeii? Pass secret messages to your friends in invisible ink? Learn how to do these and much, much, more!

Junior Alchemists is designed to not only pique an interest in scientific inquiry, but to introduce students to a deeper understanding of its development and application. We allow them to see the basic principles of science in the world around them. The course is focused on a number of experiments; they are tons of fun, visually appealing, and can safely be reproduced at home for friends and family.

Some of the experiments that are part of the course include:

-Create a lava lamp
-Turn sugar into a 2 foot black snake
-Levitate a ping pong ball
-Synthesize colorful crystals from salt and sugar

Through these experiments, the instructor will teach the students about a number of scientific principles, including:

-Chemical reactions
-Capillary Action and Bernoulli’s Principle
-Density, mass, volume
-Acids and bases

Students have a blast, and after each class, students will take home their experiments!

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Tons of opportunity for creative expression and development!


High-energy stimulating approach emphasizing collaboration and challenging puzzles


Learn variety of important skills through project-based play