In-person courses

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Minecraft Coding and Design Studio

It’s more than just a game; at Athena, you can learn the fundamentals of Python, Javascript, circuitry, architecture, design, and more using Minecraft: Education Edition!
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Olympic Chess

Learn how to play the world’s oldest game! We have a staff full of masters who can teach you everything, from the way the pawn captures to the Queen’s Gambit; but it won’t be boring. We’ll make sure you have a blast.
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Game Design and Animation with Scratch and Python

Come code with Athena! Our unique project-based class is designed to allow young students to develop their creative storytelling or game designing abilities, and then gives them the opportunity to bring them to life through using MIT’s block-based Scratch, and Python through Minecraft Education Edition.

Hollywood Filmmaking

From the writer’s room to the silver screen, we’ll guide you as you bring your films to life. In the first part of the class you’ll workshop characters, format your script, storyboard your scenes; then you’ll have the chance to bring them to the big screen! Tape, cut, and edit your movies, and bring them home to watch with everyone.

Junior Alchemists: Chemistry for Kids!

Conjure a snake using only sugar and baking soda, pass secret messages in invisible ink, and cause a volcanic eruption to rival Pompeii; you’ll perform all these experiments and more, while learning the scientific principles behind them!

Roblox Game Design and Coding with Lua

Learn how to make incredible professional quality games in Roblox with Lua, while mastering the use of programming concepts like variables, functions, loops, and conditionals

Da Vinci's Workshop

Paint, draw and sculpt; unleash your creativity through art! With your own brushes, paints, and clay, let our Renaissance instructors guide you while you create your own masterpieces.